Congrats to friend of the firm, Tanya Nguyen!

Today I’d like to take our blog post to congratulate Tanya Nguyen on her CPA graduation!  This year Tanya successfully completed the CFE (CPA professional exam) to cement her goal of becoming a CPA.

This photo is of us at her graduation ceremony this weekend.  Along with many other colleagues, she was able to successfully cross the stage in honor of passing one of the most difficult professional exams in the world.  For those not in the profession, the CFE is a three day marathon exam with short cases and one day spent on a giant, comprehensive case.  Add to that the fact that it’s not marked with points but rather an assessment of professional competency, you can see how it would be considered very difficult.

While not designated yet, Tanya continues to gain experience in a local energy services company and will soon have enough professional experience to put those letters, CPA, behind her name.

Well done, Tanya!  You’ve worked incredibly hard to reach this goal and I look forward to the day you get your official certificate!

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