Are you tired of trying spending your evenings and weekends trying to figure out accounting and tax regulations?

We know! At best it's complicated and at worst it's both complicated and written in language that doesn't make any sense (unless you happen to be an accountant)!

That's why we started our newsletter. To give business Owners relevant accounting and tax information written in plain English so you can actually understand it.

Because let's face it. Accounting and tax, if you can even find an answer you're looking for, is confusing. It's not written for people to understand.

So we've done that work for you. And when you're ready, you can join the conversation!


Not your typical newsletter

Our newsletter is not a weekly recap, summary or anything else that you can find on our, or anyone else's blog. It's not technical accounting written for accountants. It's accounting and tax distilled down into understandable information for Owners. And you can read a newsletter in the time you spend in line waiting for your morning coffee!

If you're serious about your business, you have to do accounting and tax. But that doesn't mean you have to become an accountant or an expert in tax law. And we doubt that you want to be!

So we started this newsletter to help Owners get answers to questions they have, in plain english they can understand, so they can get back to doing what they do best... their business...

...and without having to become a part-time accountant on evenings and weekends!

And when you join our newsletter, we'll send you our Pay Yourself mini-program. Because you aren't only in business to help others and do something you love... You also want to get paid for it right?

Get the Pay Yourself introduction

Are you still stuck settling for whatever's left over each month in your business?

Are you ready to make the leap into strategically managing your income as an Owner?

Or, are you just trying to figure out the three ways to pay yourself, and what works best for you AND your business?

Here's a quick tip. Contrary to popular myth, paying yourself only with dividends is not necessarily the best or most sustainable option. And, when you join our newsletter, the first thing you'll get is our Pay Yourself mini-program.

As an Owner, there are different ways you can Pay Yourself. And they each have different business and personal advantages. When you join, you'll get an introductory email sequence. This will teach you what you need to know (in plain language) to Pay Yourself as an Owner instead of settling for whatever's left over at the end.


Go beyond accounting. Discover how to put your books to work for you

Accounting and tax are necessary. But your accounting can be used for so much more than just keeping the books or being ready for tax season. They can help you measure what's really happening, indicate trends and shifts and be used in many other ways to really manage your business.

Strategic Owners understand this so, we don't just talk about accounting and tax in our newsletters. We talk about how to understand what you're seeing and how to use it to make key decisions in your business.

This isn't only about keeping your books up to date and filing taxes. It's about measuring what matters in your business so you can use real financial information to help you decide what to do next.

As an Owner, if you want to strategically manage your income, you need to put a strategic plan in place.

Join our newsletter and we'll send you our email mini-course for Owners who want to strategically manage their business income.


Success can mean something different for everyone. As your CFO and finance team, we create tailored accounting, tax, and forward looking advisory solutions that align with what successs means to you.

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