You're an Owner. You're busy. And we're pretty sure you didn't start your business so that you could do more tax and accounting. Especially on evenings and weekends.

You started your business to do something you love. To make an impact. To have the freedom and flexibility you can't have working for someone else. So did we.

You're passionate about what you do and you deserve a partner that will help you focus on what you do best. Your business. Growing your business. Making informed choices about the future of your business. Knowing that you always have the most current and up to date financial information available.

And never again get caught wondering if you're profitable. Where your money's going. What your tax bill's going to be. If you can make payroll next month. You CAN have the confidence to make the right business decisions, with the right information, and the right strategy. You CAN experience what success truly feels like.

By tailoring a custom solution for you and your business, we can ensure that everything our accounting, tax, and strategic planning experts do is driving towards your vision of success.

The solutions we provide are unique for your business. Not your friend's business. Not another business we've seen. Not for some business that looks like yours or the one you found on Facebook. You and your business are unique. Your situation and context is unique. And you deserve a solution tailored to your business. Never generic. Never for someone else.

Quan Ly

I’m Quan Ly, a modern Chartered Professional Accountant and everything I do reflects that. I went into accounting with the belief that numbers, is an essential business language.

I spent 8 years serving business Owners, Controllers, and CFOs of multi-national corporations at a Big 4 accounting firm. Clients spanned not-for-profit, oil and gas, real estate, retail, manufacturing, technology, and private equity. Some of my time was spent as an auditor and the majority as a Canada/US cross-border tax advisor.

Now I help Owners find accounting and tax solutions that work for them so they can focus on running and growing their business.

Are you starting a new business or looking for ways to improve accounting, tax and financial practices?

Either way we can help you to leverage ideas and solutions for where you want to go. We’ll equip you with modern tools, and practices to be efficient and in-tune with the pulse of your business.

I am driven by challenges and mental, physical, and spiritual growth. Outside work, you'd find me ripping around on my motorcycle, at a boxing studio pounding some bags, or hanging out at a local craft brewery.

Randy McRae

I'm Randy McRae, co-founder of McRally, Chartered Professional Accountant. I'm also the recipient of a National Tax Award from CPA Canada.

Before founding McRally in 2014, I started my work in a multinational Big 4 accounting firm and then spent 5 years with a public company that went from $300M to $3B during that time. Now I use that experience to advise small business owners and to run my own business.

And there's far more to running a business financially than only the accounting and tax. What happens after the bookkeeping, where you start using your information to make choices and decisions, is where the real value is.

I know firsthand the importance of having solid financial information to run your business. If I didn’t have my finger on the pulse of the numbers at McRally it would be far more difficult running the firm.

We start our work with clients by getting your books in order and setting up easy to use systems to keep them current. Get caught up and put the systems in place to stay that way!

Once that's done, we work with you to assess exactly what you want and need to manage your finances so you can focus on running and growing your business.

Michelle De Souza

I'm Michelle De Souza, a Chartered Professional Accountant and Strategic Business Advisor. I have over 15 years of combined experience in strategy, corporate development, and business planning and analysis with multi-billion dollar public and private companies. Most recently, I supported an Executive leadership team by translating corporate strategy and business plans into detailed targets, action plans to turn strategy into results.

Reporting historical financial data is only the first step in understanding your true business potential. Proper business planning, forecasting and budgeting is critical to business success. This enables your company to make sound business decisions through each stage of it's life cycle.

Successful organizations make full use of their own information and business intelligence to evaluate their financial proficiency and future growth potential. Planning and financial analysis allows operations and management teams to focus on opportunities and results, which ultimately lead to their success.

I am driven by helping companies and business owners develop confidence and success in the direction they wish to take their business. Getting to know the business inside and out, as well as the people involved, are important to me. Playing a part in the success story is the ultimate reward!

Modern tools for modern businesses

We use modern tools to make accounting as quick and simple as possible.
We vet tools regularly and will only recommend for you, the tools we use ourselves.


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