Why we’re here

Why we exist is simple.  Accounting is old fashioned.  And we don’t like it.  

At McRally, we’re small business owners ourselves and we quickly realized that the old way of doing accounting was costing us time and money – and we’re professional accountants.  We could only imagine the painful process accounting was for many small businesses.  After looking at other firms around the world and the great steps forward they had made, we realized that there was a better way to create accounting and finance solutions for small and medium sized businesses.  That solution was in the cloud.

What we do

We’re a cloud accounting firm.  But not a typical one.  Coming from big multinational firms, we saw all the great systems and processes that helped those firms to be successful.  We also saw how size can reduce flexibility and adaptability.  We decided we needed to be able to provide our clients with a high quality set of software solutions that could provide accounting, financial reporting, budgeting and forecasting, and key financial analysis.  At the same time we needed to make sure that all that great information didn’t bog down quick, efficient small business processes.

We designed our BooksPlus packages to do this.  We set our clients up with cutting edge software and key professional accounting services – all for a flat monthly fee.  Also, because we recognize that when it comes to small and medium businesses one size rarely fits all, we have three different BooksPlus packages along with an entire suite of custom consulting and advisory options.  At McRally we truly believe there is a solution that will fit any client.

How we create value

McRally creates value to our clients in a wide variety of ways.  Firstly, as a professional accounting firm, we are members of CPA Canada, the top professional accounting body in the country.  This means we adhere to the highest standards of professionalism and quality.

Secondly, we’re a small business ourselves, so truly understand the issues that face small business owners – we live them each and every day.  The cloud solutions, professional services, and processes we propose are the same types of things we consider and use in our own business.

Thirdly, we believe in collaboration.  Working together is one of the ways the small and medium business community is different.  And we try to live those values.  We all want to succeed and working together is the best way to do that.

Finally, we’re fair.  At McRally we don’t bill by the second or surprise our clients with big charges.  We set out our fees up front.  If something comes up that causes us to have to bill a little extra, we always explain why we have to do more work and get permission from our clients before we start.


Who we are

Quan Ly - CPA, CA, CPA (IL, USA), MT

Quan Ly - CPA, CA, CPA (IL, USA), MT


Quan is a highly experienced professional accountant with a very diverse background. Quan spent eight years honing his craft at a worldwide “Big Four” accounting firm dealing with everything from small businesses to multinational corporations. While there he also became a U.S. CPA and obtained a Master’s Degree in U.S. Tax.

All this has helped Quan understand the big issues facing small businesses. Whether it is assisting on a start-up, dealing with foreign expansion or asset acquisitions, or winding up a business, Quan has seen it.

Randall McRae - CPA, CA

Randall McRae - CPA, CA


Randy started out at the same “Big Four” firm as Quan, and while there became a Chartered Accountant. After several years in public practice developing key technical accounting, and financial reporting skills, he made the jump to private industry. While there he developed expertise in internal accounting, advisory, internal controls, risk management and tax. He learned very quickly that in a small or medium sized business you truly need to take on many roles – and be good at all of them.

All of that made Randy realize that the key to a successful small or medium sized business accounting team is process and efficiency. To him, these words are far more than just a way to make a resume stand out from the crowd. He believes good finance and accounting systems and process, buoyed by the right people in place, can make a good business great. The opposite, on the other hand, can make a great business very average.

How we work

Hear your story

Whether or not you’re a mid-sized business with some accounting in place or a small business where you’re the owner and only employee, we want to hear about what you do and why it’s your passion.

Ask questions - a lot of them

We pride ourselves on hearing what you have to say, it helps us really understand what you need.

Find your pain points

Once we know your story and ask our questions, we’ll work with you to identify your pain points so we can drive towards a solution.

Rally ahead

We’ll propose a plan to you that we feel will address your pain points.  Once you’re happy, we’re all off to the races.

Who do you have in your pit crew?

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