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Our Story

 Accounting is old fashioned and we don’t like it. At McRally, we’re small business owners ourselves and as much as we love accounting, the old way of doing things does not cut it anymore. It’s the 21st century and accounting should be paperless, utilize automation and be in the cloud. The solution is not outsourcing, the solution is technology. We’ve doubled down on technology. Learn about cloud accounting.

Our Clients

We work with clients in most industries and specialize in small and mid-sized businesses. We also take on special projects with larger companies from time to time. Ultimately, we work with clients who think like us and understand the value of having professional accountants on their team.

Our Process

We always start off by getting to know your business and asking a bunch of questions. We like to understand what your passions are, where you want to take your business, what your pain points are, and whether we are a good fit for each other. After the initial consultation, we can determine the best service plan for your needs and your budget.

Our Value

Firstly, we are a CPA licensed firm and adhere to the highest standards of professionalism and quality.

Secondly, we’re a small business so we truly understand the issues that face small business owners. The cloud solutions, professional services, and processes we propose are the same things we consider and use in our own business.

Thirdly, we believe in collaboration.  Working together is one of the ways the small and medium business community is different and we live those values.  We all want to succeed and working together is the best way to do that.

Lastly, we’re fair.  We don’t bill by the second or surprise our clients with big charges.  We set out our fees up front.  If something comes up that causes us to have to bill a little extra, we always explain why we have to do more work and get permission from our clients before we start.



Our Value