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You're an Owner. You have a business. And, we're pretty sure you didn't start your business so that you could do bookkeeping, accounting and tax. You started your business to do something you love. To make an impact. To have the freedom and flexibility you can't get working for someone else. So did we.

But let's face it. You have a business, whether it's a corporation, partnership, or sole proprietorship. And, whether you work as a contractor, freelancer, designer, entrepreneur or solo-preneur, you have to file taxes. And you need high-quality financial information to make choices about your business.

But you don't have to spend your evenings and weekends catching up on the last 6 (or 16) months of expenses. You don't have to lie awake wondering how much you'll end up paying in taxes this year. You don't need to wonder why your bank account never has as much as you expect in it.

You don't have to spend your time slogging through tax and accounting regulations or blog posts searching for answers. Because every moment you spend trying to figure out your accounting, is a moment you aren't doing your business. It's a moment you aren't making money. It's a moment you aren't spending with your family and friends.

And YOUR business needs you. YOUR clients need you doing what you do best.

Your work. Growing your impact. Making choices and decisions with the best information you have available.

But every moment you spend trying to figure out your tax and accounting, is a minute you don't get to spend doing any of those things.

Discover what it's like to work with McRally.

You're creating an independent living

Does any of this this sound familiar?

  • You're good at problem solving but maybe it's time to prioritize where you spend your time.
  • You create work you're proud of. What you're doing is more than just a job.
  • Your work matters. People depend on you and what your business stands for.
  • You invest in partnerships with people who share integrity and values that you care about.
  • You use modern tools but your work is for people.

We provide accounting and tax services for modern business Owners. People who want the flexibility and balance to put their best work into the world. They know they can't do this by trying to do it all themselves. In fact, they know that by doing it all themselves, splitting their time and focus, they are reducing what they're capable of producing.

We use the best tools to help our clients do their accounting. We keep in touch to ensure we can provide the best insights and advice, tailored to the needs of your business.

And we don't like surprises like unexpected tax bills, last minute-phone calls, or invoices that are larger than you were told they'd be.


Two ways to get started today

Sorting through all that accounting and tax language can be a pain AND chew up your time, if you can even find an answer at all!

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You're ready to get out of doing your accounting and tax and back into doing your business, growing your business and delivering extraordinary value for your clients!

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Your business is unique

We work with Owners of corporations, partnerships and sole proprietorships. Each type of business has it's nuances. But much more than that, each Owner has a unique situation and context that will not be the same as anyone elses. They have their own goals for their business and themselves. And understanding what these are helps us tailor what we do to help them do what they do.

Owners we work with are creating an impact in many different ways.


As an Owner, if you want to strategically manage your income, you have to stop living with the leftovers each month.

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Accounting packages made simple. It doesn't have to be complicated, and it doesn't have to be a surprise every month!

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