When you're ready to grow your business like never before and you know you need a CFO and a finance team to get you there

You're an Owner. You have a business. You started your business to do something you love. To make an impact and make lots of money. To have the freedom and flexibility you can't get working for someone else. To have the time to travel wherever and whenever you want. To invest in other ventures and opportunities. To live life to the fullest extent that you know is possible. We get it, so did we.

But let's face it. You have a business, you need high-quality financial information on the regular, you need clarity around where you want to go and how to get there, and you need to make the right decisions for your business. You have blindspots that you're not aware of and you have no one qualified enough to talk to about your financial challenges. Your accountant might be good, but might not have the complete skillset that a finance team can provide. 

Maybe you have opportunities in front of you, but you don't know the best way to capitalize them. You're in a meeting with the bank, but you wish you could speak their language or produce a quality forecast and business plan to get that loan to expand your business. You want to entice investors, but you know you're missing all the key pieces, documents, systems, processes that investors would like to see in place. 

You lie awake wondering how much you'll end up paying in taxes this year, how you'll pay vendors, how you'll cover payroll. It's okay, these are issues that we've personally experienced early on as business owners. We've helped our clients through the same struggles. 

If only you can have the confidence that your business is the success it should be. A CFO and finance team can establish a strong financial foundation and give you that confidence that you need to earn your next millions of dollars without risking everything from unravelling from within. If you don't have a strong financial foundation and momentum as you grow, things can unwind itself just as fast. 

You don't have to spend your time slogging through tax and accounting regulations or blog posts searching for answers. Because every moment you spend trying to figure out what your numbers are telling you, is a moment you aren't focusing on the right aspects of your business. It's a moment you aren't making the money that you could be. It's a moment you aren't spending with your family and friends. How many hours of life do you have left? And, how do you truly want to spend those hours?

You've gotten this far, and you know what your opportunity costs are. You know you need to INVEST in building a solid financial foundation. We can help you with that. Go to our Services page to learn more about our approach.  

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Success can mean something different for everyone. As your CFO and finance team, we create tailored accounting, tax, and forward looking advisory solutions that align with what successs means to you.

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As an Owner, if you want to strategically manage your income, you need to put a strategic plan in place.

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