Baltic Avenue to Boardwalk – McRally Meets Lemonade by Vallen

Lemonade by Vallen Company Overview: Lemonade by Vallen was established in 2014 when company owner & operator Vallen was just 8 years old. As most of his selling season was occupied by building his stand, Vallen only sold four days in his first year in business. But like many small businesses that face hardship in their first year, this young entrepreneur was determined to make it happen and, based on the start of the 2015 season, it’s happening. Just a short few selling days into the season, Lemonade by Vallen has seen tremendous growth over last year, setting new volume records day after day and from our perspective it’s clear why. Far removed from the old cardboard box with ‘leMon-Aid” scrawled across the front, Lemonade by Vallen’s outlet draws in customers in. Some stop just to check it out or get a picture, and most end up buying. With the word “Lemonade” painted in bold yellow lettering across a small marquee, the stand provides a call to action. When prospective customers come closer, they see a white board, which Vallen uses to list his daily offerings and pricing, and write messages to his customers. Also on display are the Lemonade by Vallen branded cups, which keep customers talking about the stand well after they have paid. Before I get into the taste of the lemonade, and believe me, I will, I would be remiss not to mention the professionalism and efficiency of the counter staff. Vallen and his team know their way around their stand, are quick with your drink and your change, if you pay cash that is….

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