Baltic Avenue to Boardwalk – McRally Meets Koi

Koi Music and Culture This week we caught up with Aziz Kapasi, Co-owner of Koi, a local restaurant and music lounge. Koi fosters a forward-thinking environment that inspires and supports local art, music and culture. There’s always something going on in the evening at Koi such as open mic night, jazz or hip hop night, improv or comedy. There’s plenty of fun and entertainment for a night out with friends. Koi serves a range of unique and delectable Asian-fusion dishes with vegetarian, vegan and gluten free options. Being a huge supporter of the local arts community, Koi encourages new and emerging photographers and artists to share their creative pieces in their space. This venue is a manifestation of the values, passion and culture of Aziz and his team. It is definitely worth checking out.   You’re a Chartered Accountant by trade, what inspired you to be involved in something outside of your comfort zone? I was looking for an opportunity to grow and learn. I wanted to apply my entrepreneurial skills and do something that I felt passionate about. For me, that passion was in music and community building. When the opportunity to own and operate Koi came along, I couldn’t pass it up.   How do you view our culture in Calgary and the role that music plays? Calgary is undergoing a transformation and will be a major metropolitan area in North America. With that comes more grassroots music and arts culture of all types. Calgary’s music culture was very much focused on specific groups such as blues and country music but it is evolving and we are…

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