Baltic Avenue to Boardwalk – McRally meets Kaffeeklatsch

Kaffeeklatsch We were honoured to have the opportunity to catch up with Jessica McCarrel, Owner and Operator of Kaffeeklatsch, a local popup espresso and brew bar in the CommunityWise Resource Centre at 223 12th Avenue SW. We wanted to get some insight from Jessica on the topic of “community” and what it means to her. A strong sense of community is evident in all aspects of Jessica’s life from her involvement in the local art and coffee community to the way she started and operates Kaffeeklatsch. Kaffeeklatsch is nestled in the back of CommunityWise a historic building in Calgary and home to 100 community-oriented organizations. Jessica uses beans from a local roaster, promotes products from local bakers, chocolatiers and artwork by local artists. The construction of Kaffeeklatsch involved a collaboration of many local trades using a collection of different collectibles and hardware. Check it out yourself to see what we mean. You’ve had a lot of success with bringing people together for different causes and in different situations. What does community mean to you? Community is the idea of everything in one particular area (interests, goals, attitudes) and the interrelationships between the parts involved. It has always been about the need for a greater sense of connection to whatever it is I am doing whether it’s a not-for-profit initiative, visual arts, or coffee. I’ve always seen overlaps when it comes to the different communities that I’ve been a part of. Being able to bring together my knowledge and experience in different interest areas and being able to harness those parallels to help others gives me a sense of resourcefulness….

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