BATT #2- Bookkeeping, Accounting and Tax Tip of the Day!

Today let’s talk golf!  And of course I mean the game – not the VW.  We’ll talk cars and mileage in another episode of BATT.

Golf, under Canadian tax law, is not your friend.  While the old adage may be true that business is done on the golf course, it’s not tax deductible business.  Most things related to going golfing are NEVER tax deductible, even if you’re golfing with customers and closing deals on the course.  It’s just the way it is.

Again, with these types of things it’s handy to have a separate account in your chart of accounts for golf green fees so it can be quickly and easily broken out at year end for the tax return.

Of course, there can be exceptions to every rule so as always, consult a pro so they can review your specific facts and circumstances to help with your own golf costs.

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