Our Services

First and foremost, McRally is a professional accounting firm.  We back up our love of cloud software with core services that every business needs.  Whether you’re a small business that needs bookkeeping, financial statements and a tax return to a mid-size business that needs to plan a U.S. expansion, we have you covered.

Our Clients

We get asked all the time if some clients are too small for us.  The answer is very simple – no.  We want to work with clients who understand the value of having professional accountants on their team, whether they are a one person business or a vast multi-national.

Our Process

If you read through our services below and you’re not sure where to start, no problem.  We always start off with new clients by getting to know your business and asking a whole bunch of questions.  We find this is the best way to make sure we understand exactly what your pain points are so we can come up with the right service plan.

Our Specialties



BooksPlus is our flagship service for small and medium businesses.  We’ve packaged together key cloud accounting applications with full professional accounting services ranging from bookkeeping to year end financial statements and tax filing.  With these flat rate packages, our clients get an internal accounting team for a fraction of the cost.  For more information see our BooksPlus page or contact your McRally advisor below.

Financial Accounting Services


McRally offers a wide variety of financial accounting services including annual financial statement preparation, internal control planning and analysis, and technical accounting research for both international and Canadian accounting standards.  Whether you’re a one person company or a multi-national, McRally’s professionals can service your financial accounting needs.


Advisory Services


McRally’s advisors have experience working in private industry and can offer insight into key areas for small and medium sized businesses.  These include budgeting and forecasting, internal cost analysis, key performance indicator analysis and internal process improvement.  If you need all of these services or more, McRally offers a Virtual Controller service, where you can hire our experienced team to be the Controller for your business on an as needed basis.


Tax Services - Canadian and U.S.


McRally offers a wide variety of Canadian tax services including tax planning and research, completion of annual tax filings, and dispute resolution support if you’re going through an audit.

In addition, McRally offers U.S. tax planning and analysis services.  We can help your business plan an expansion into the U.S., as well as analyze your risk exposure in the U.S. to help you ensure you’re making the right filings on time.

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