One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, New Fish

Culture Based on my experience working in large corporations, there is a major cultural flaw in North America regarding how managers view their new staff. Hiring managers (you) view them as a problem. Maybe I should clarify – it’s not the new staff that are the problems. It’s the fact that they don’t know “anything”. Which brings me to the conundrum in this thought process: If they don’t know anything, why did you hire them in the first place? Hiring You’ve spent upwards of $50,000 in hiring costs to place ads or use a recruiter, review resumes, conduct interviews, second interviews and more. All the while, your overburdened team is getting frustrated that no help is coming. One day, finally, the help is here! You’ve hired a wonderful young professional to join your team. Their first day has arrived and you make them…count widgets? This is almost where the reason turns into a choose-your-own-adventure. You can’t train them because: The job YOU hired them for is “too much responsibility”; You’re just too busy to train the help you need because you’re too busy; or You decide to take the third door on the left. We’ll deal with these reasons (excuses) one at a time now. Trust Here’s the thing with excuse 1. Your staff will have varying skill levels no matter what. Some are better; some are not so better. But you HAVE to trust them and teach them to do their jobs or you’ll never know how good they might be, your overburdened other team members will become disenchanted, and thirdly, you’re NEVER going to become a successful…

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